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Family  Storytelling, Storymaker Conference, Writing IdeasI was so blessed to be able to go to LDStorymakers Writing Conference this year for the 3rd time. I went, knowing a little bit more about what to expect and what I wanted to learn this year. The classes were all so amazing and I wanted to share a few quotes and other wonderful words that I learned while attending LDStorymakers.

Julie Berry taught Secondary Characters- She talked about the importance of creating believable and deep secondary characters. How boring would a book be we only explored the main character? She said, “Treat the secondary characters as though they were main characters. Good writers use minor characters well.” I love that. Those characters help the story and help us get to know the main character. Ernest Hemingway said, “Now watch one thing. Don’t let yourself slip and get any perfect characters in… Keep them people, people, people and don’t let them get to be symbols.”

Lisa Mangum’s class, Making your Manuscript Sing- We talked about the difference between voice and style. She compared it to a song, the voice is the lyrics and the style is the melody. Use emotion that matched the words. I loved this quote by Donald Mass, “To set your voice free, set your words free, set your characters free. Most important, set your heart free. It is from the unknowable shadows of your subconscious that your stories will find their drive and from which they will draw their meaning. No one can loan that or teach you that. Your voice is yourself in the story.”

Sarah Eden’s class, Dissecting Jane- Jane Austen is amazing. We talked about Jane’s style and a little bit about her experience in getting her work published. She couldn’t have her name on the books, because of the time. Her first three books were successful, but her fourth was not. She had to pay back the money from her failed fourth book, by using money she made from her other three books. She never made any money while alive from her books. It took her ten years to get the rights to that book back. She never saw the wonderful success that she became. Sarah said, “…but Jane still wrote. Because she liked it.” I loved that. Do we write because we want to be rich and famous? I write because I have stories clogging my brain, I want to inspire just one person and I love it.


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