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Discover Magic

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Family Storytelling, Christmas Tree, Discover MagicSome things you have to discover on your own. Others are simply too good to keep to yourself.

Perfect Christmas trees are forbidden territory to a child. But one day, as I was chasing a cat, I crawled under one of those trees. I was unprepared for the magic I found. The scent of pine and peppermint wafted over me, lights twinkled and swirled around my head - I was entranced. I let my eyes half close. It felt like I was floating. I knew I'd found a sacred space - a spot where magic and earth meet. I knew I'd come back. And I have, every year. Some things you have to discover on your own - others are too good to keep to yourself. In an age where magic is harder and harder to find, I couldn't risk trusting fate to share such a secret. So, I led my granddaughter to witness the magic one night. She was nervous. Her three-year-old heart knew we were entering forbidden territory. Her voice fell to a whisper as we cautiously crawled under the tree. She looked up as she snuggled in beside me and a tiny gasp escaped her lips. "Oh, Grandma Teresa, I love you." Her voice was so pure, so filled with wonder. The years fell away as I remembered her mother snuggled up beside me under another tree some twenty years before. She had felt the same sense of wonder, we had shared the same sacred space - where magic and earth meet.

I knew my foray with my granddaughter would be forgiven.

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Teresa Clark

A national award-winning storyteller, historian and author, she is best known for her original works and recollections of life's experiences blended with history. Teresa has presented and performed throughout the United States. Of her, it has been said, "Charming, witty, soulful, and wise, her performances are filled with a compelling sense of wonder and an irresistable zest for life." Her story work involves performance, education, production, and advocacy. From the main stage to individual consultations in living rooms across America, she delights in the excavation and sharing of family story. Most importantly, she is a wife, mother, and grandmother to her favorite playmates and best friends.

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