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I guess some things become part of your soul without you even noticing.



I grew up in a musical. Songs drip from my mother's lips like rain. No matter the season, or the subject, my mother can sing a song about it. She is a fair-weather gal. She loves sunshine and roses. Long cold winters tend to wear her down. But the first snow of the season is a completely different matter. She announces it with the fanfare of a musical chorus, alternating harmonies, and squeals of delight. When we were little she'd hurry us into the living room and line us up in front of the curtains. Then with all of the passion worthy of an opening night on Broadway she'd pull open the drapes. Her expression was always priceless, as if she herself had produced this marvelous coating of marshmallow cream all over the world. I guess some things become a part of your soul without you even noticing. I didn't think I had transferred this level enthusiasm to my children until one brisk morning I looked out the window to discover snow. Mere moments passed before a text message arrived from one daughter gleefully announcing snow. Within minutes a call came in from another daughter announcing snow. Suddenly, my final daughter bounded into the room and leapt on the bed accompanied by a self-produced chorus of harmony: "Snow! Snow! Snow!"

How does your family celebrate the arrival of snow? Do you have any traditions tied to playing in the snow?  Check out our Winter Story Starter for more ideas.

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Teresa Clark

A national award-winning storyteller, historian and author, she is best known for her original works and recollections of life's experiences blended with history. Teresa has presented and performed throughout the United States. Of her, it has been said, "Charming, witty, soulful, and wise, her performances are filled with a compelling sense of wonder and an irresistable zest for life." Her story work involves performance, education, production, and advocacy. From the main stage to individual consultations in living rooms across America, she delights in the excavation and sharing of family story. Most importantly, she is a wife, mother, and grandmother to her favorite playmates and best friends.

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