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Shrouded in Love

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STShroudedVisitors to my home are invited to stay in the "Legacy Room."  It's a guest room filled with family heirlooms and my collection of quilts.  My guests notice right off that I love heirloom quilts.  If you're sleeping in my guest room, you're shrouded in the love of generations.  It wasn't always that way,  In fact, I'm ashamed to admit; when I was a child I completely disregarded the value of a handcrafted quilt.


Both of my grandma's lived thousands of miles away from me.  We never really had the chance to create a special granchild/grandmother bond when I was little.  But each of them sent me quilt they had made.  One was purple and one was pink and I was a brat and didn't like either one of them!  I was one of those little girls who rebelled against girly colors, but no one seemed to understand that.  So the quilts came to live on my bed, much against my wishes.

family storytelling handmade quilt heirloomOnce I was an adult, I stuffed the yucky things in a box as far out of sight as possible.  Thank goodness I had the sense to store them and not just toss them!  You see, my perspective completly changed once I started quilting.  Now I make quilts for my children and grandchildren I know that every stitch contains a prayer and every hour spent on the quilt is an hour spent in gratitude for the lives of the people I'm quilting for.  My hopes and dreams and fondest wishes for those I loveare woven right into the warp and woof of the fabrics I piece together.

It wasn't until I came to know the reasons behind the making of a quilt that they became priceless to me.  Those quilts from my youth are faded and worn, but they are defintely cherished.  When I miss my grandma's most, all I have to do is wrap up in one of those quilts and the memories of their laughter, their smell, and their loving touch all come cascading back around me.  I a shrouded in the love of generations.

What kind of collections do you have in your home.  Why do you collect them (From the My Collections story starter. For more stories like this try our Wears Like Iron CD)

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