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Kids and the car cousin camp family storiesIt started spontaneously as soon as we announced we were heading out on an

epic journey to visit their cousins, the back seat exploded with a

spontaneous chant, “Cousins! Cousins! Cousins!” Their grandpa and I had

taken on the privilege of tending two of our grandkids for a week and

suddenly decided we wanted to see all of our grandkids together. So we

plopped our charges in the car and headed out on an adventure.



In spite of the six-hour drive that lay ahead anticipation was high. Our grandkids

love each other, there’s no doubt about that. The squeals of joy and

delight that erupted when we arrived were pretty precious.

For three days we sat back and watched with complete satisfaction. TruthKids on a trampoline cousin camp family stories

be told, grandma and grandpa pretty much disappeared as soon as the

cousins saw each other. But that’s okay. It’s why we came. Cousins need

each other. They share traditions and family ties and memories that will

last throughout their lives. Sometimes, it’s really good for the adults to

disappear. Sometimes it's really good to just let them be their silly

selves, together.

Grandparents with grandkids happy family storytellingI’ve got a friend who has caught this vision big time. Every summer she

holds “Cousin Camp.” No parents are invited. The kids are given an

opportunity to plan the days and schedule activities. There are lots of

late night giggles and favorite snacks. Grandma & Grandpa oversee, but the

kids rule the events. She believes, like I believe, that cousins are a

special gift. The tighter the bound formed between cousins - the stronger

the family. When cousins enjoy each other’s company, the parents are more

apt to make the sacrifices necessary to get everyone together. The more memories the cousins share, the more likely they are to have ties as


cousin camp family stories happy familiesThere are so many ways to build and strengthen family ties. Often we focus

only on the things the adults want to do. Why not give the kids the reins?

Trust me, there’s nothing like the feeling you get when you see them

cluster around one another to say goodbye or hear the chant, “Cousins,

Cousins, Cousins!”

Do you remember a special time with your cousins? Have you seen these kind of moments in your own children and their cousins?

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