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Happiness at Home

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Family Storytelling, Happy Families, Happy HomeThere are countless articles written about “being happy”. Is there a secret to happiness? It seems that the root of joy starts in the home. We’ve always heard that eating dinner as a family is one way to bring a family closer. In these days it is easier said than done with both parents working, soccer practice or dance. Here is a list of five other ways to make your house a happier home.

1. Eliminate Stress by reducing clutter and noise

Stress can definitely take the peace away from your home. Keeping your house presentable with less clutter and noise can make you feel like you can enjoy your children and home more. Less worry about guests coming over can eliminate worry and bring a calm atmosphere.


2. Rituals and Traditions

When kids and families have something to look forward to, it can make all the difference. Whether you have family traditions or want to start new ones, there are so many ideas that will make everyone excited. Here are a few ideas that you can start doing if you don’t already. Night time bowl of ice cream, morning prayer as a family, Sunday afternoon cookies-kids can even lick the bowl, Family game night or movie night, Big Saturday Breakfast, and Bedtime stories. Whatever your family enjoys—make it a tradition everyone can look forward to.


3. Personalize your Home

Add character to your home that can be an extension of who you are. Souvenirs from far-away travels always add a flare. Family pictures of you, or your children growing up are fun. Family heirlooms or ancestor pictures it can always be a great topic of conversation.


4. Memories you Make

Color pictures together, clean up while singing a favorite song—loudly, and laugh often. Making all types of memories can make your house a fun place to be, that you can always remember.


5. Make your Home a Sanctuary

Hold family meetings, ask about eachother’s day, invite friends over to share your memories and love one another. Make your house a safe loving home that everyone enjoys being. Remember to just smile.


What do you do to make your home happy?  Comment and let us know!

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