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The End of an Era

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Family Storytelling, Halloween Traditions, Trick or TreatingAs Halloween approaches, our house is abuzz with all the typical excitement you would expect from a holiday that revolves around cressing up as a favorite character/creature and getting large amounts of candy. But each year I find myself asking - How old is too old to go trick-or-treating? Is there an age limit in your house? What are the rules, if any, about costume choices? I'm conducting a highly scientific  informal poll because as my children have grown older, and costume choices have become more, interesting, shall we say, I have found myself at odds with convention, and other moms.



In our house, once your age has "teen" in it, your costumed days of knocking on doors to beg treats from the neighbors are over. But that's not to say that the fun of Halloween is at an end. There is still plenty that can be enjoyed, in costume or out. And speaking of costumes, my feelings about them is that they should always be age appropriate and should reflect the same standards that I want my children to embody everyday. In other words, Halloween does not mean that you get an excuse to dress in as little clothing as possible simply because it's a costume.  I have been told I need to pick my battles and that this isn't really that big a deal. I would love to hear your thoughts.

But to go back to the age thing, I have to say that I don't like it when kids that are obviously old enough to be driving come knocking at my door, often long after most other trick-or-treaters have gone home. And maybe this doesn't happen in your area, but in mine, the kids that show up are often strangers and not kids that I recognize from my neighborhood. So I find myself wondering "What are you doing? Why are you roaming around my neighborhood? WHO ARE YOU?" Which totally makes me feel like the crazy old lady who just doesn't like what these young whippersnappers might be up to. (Aaaaaaand now I know what I will be dressing up as for Halloween.)

Which is why my kids are cut off from trick-or-treating once they are teenagers. But don't feel too sad for them. Because once trick-or-treating stops, Halloween parties begin. Complete with spook alleys in the back yard and costume contests and totally disgusting food. They're already looking forward to it.

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Shantel Parks

Shantel's love of story began in her childhood with fairy tales. As a wife of 13 years and a mother of 4, she gets a daily sampling of the many genre's of story, including (but not at all limited to) - humor, alternate history, dramatic interpretations, tall tales, tragedy, and a smattering of anecdotes based on true stories. A sometimes blogger, a frequent do-it-yourselfer, and always fond of Cadbury Mini Eggs, Shantel can be found, most days, going 5 different directions, but usually ending up in her favorite place - at home.

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