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Your Child's Education: Your Choice?

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family storytelling common core education questionCommon Core is a hotly debated issue:  Are you wondering why?

  • Do you consider yourself an involved parent?
  • Do you try to pay attention to curriculum being taught in your children's school?
  • If so, maybe you felt like I did when you saw this video that went viral this week.

A man in Maryland at a school board meeting was asking some hard questions about "Common Core" and was subsequently removed from the meeting by a very large, intimidating cop. I don't know this man, but as a parent who has always supported the public schools and who has been active in my children's education, this video was alarming to me. Here is the link so that you can watch and judge for yourself:





As I watched the video it left a HUGE pit in my stomach because last week, I attended my own school board meeting and noticed some very strange things I had never seen before. I noticed an armed police man outside, one at the door, and TWO sitting in the back of the room. I also noticed that the process to ask a question was ridiculously intimidating! Each person with a question, among other things was expected to stand in front of the audience and state their full name and address for all to hear. I kept wondering WHY all the law enforcement and obvious efforts at intimidation?!

I'm hoping there are others with questions, maybe even some who have felt concern. If so, this might be a good place to have a little discussion with other parents.
family storytelling common core education questionI'm very curious how the debate over Common Core is playing out in the 45 out of 50 states that have already adopted this curriculum. I'm anxious to hear your thoughts:

  1. I, like this man, am a concerned parent who is researching Common Core (and its accompanying InBloom national data storage system). The more research I do, the MORE questions I have. WHAT and/or WHO is behind this movement and WHY is it becoming so heated?
  2. Last time I checked, we have freedom of speech in our country and I didn't see this man being unreasonable or violent. I saw him being threatened and bullied. What are our rights when it comes to our children's education and what do we do when our "representatives" are making it seemingly impossible to give any feedback or pose worthy questions?
  3. Do you feel that, as parents, we have a say in curriculum, standards, discipline, and policies in public school or are we supposed to just trust what our "elected officials" decide for us?

I really want to know what is happening around the nation. I sincerely don't see this as a left vs. right argument. It isn't parents against teachers. If there is any "us" and "them", I'm asking "them" (school administrators, school boards, unions, elected officials, etc.) if we still have a say in our child's education?

What do you think? Have you experienced anything like this where you live? Do you think people are overreacting? Is this even worthy of discussing?


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Linda Hill

Linda Hill is a native of…well, nowhere really.  She grew up as an Air Force brat and currently claims Littleton, CO as her home of 8 years (the longest she’s lived any one place in her life so far!)  She is the mother of 5 children, two sons and a daughter who have already “flown the coop” and 2 daughters in high School.  She is a graduate of Brigham Young University in Family Science and put her degree to use as she raised her large family and operated several home-based businesses while serving in many volunteer positions in her church, community and the schools.  She has been married to Kent Hill for 25 years and they look forward to at least another 125!  Currently she is an instructor to teens for a daily early morning religion class.  She is passionate about her family, storytelling, politics and when she gets the time – locking herself in her sewing room with a chick flick and getting her “creative” on!


Baltimore Common Core Meeting You Tube

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