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Picture By The Numbers

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Numbers life stories storytelling happy family23 - the number of bobby pins holding my hair in place last Sunday.

2 - the number of Dr. Who episodes we watched, tonight.




6 - the number of times between two and three o'clock this afternoon I told the kids to stop screaming, the baby was asleep.

6 - the number of times they apologized and promised they would use their quiet voices.

2 - the number of minutes before they'd forget again.

1 - the number of cavities the good Dentist discovered in my mouth this morning.

0 - the number he found in Bill's. Again.

2 - the number of times Bill usually brushes his teeth per day.

at least 4 - the number of times I usually brush my teeth per day.

4 - the number of new toothbrushes we walked out of the Dentists office, with.

8 - the number of minutes I spent ogling and discussing in depth our new toothbrushes, travel toothbrush cases, floss and etc. before I remembered that most people don't get as excited about the implements of dental hygiene as I do.

0 - the number of times Bill laughed at me 'cause of the weird toothbrush thing. 

22 - the number of post-baby pounds that I STILL have to lose.

49 - the number of days I have to lose it all in order to reach my goal.

49 - the number of days until Hank turns 1.

3 - the number of loads of laundry I've pushed through the washer/dryer today.

3 - the number of loads of laundry I have yet to push through the washer/dryer before bed in order to be caught up.

0 - the number of loads of laundry I will likely be pushing through the washer/dryer before bed.

1 - the number of times I've logged on to the internet today, including now. Probably a new record. Someone write Guiness. But no the beer company. They don't care.

3 - the number of times I thought about my friend Sasha P. today; randomly and out of the blue.

Parenting by the numbers life stories storytelling happy family4 - the number of times today that I've felt guilt.

3 - the number of times today that I've felt fat.

14 - the number of times today that I've fallen in love with my children.

4 - the number of times (so far) that I've kissed my husband today.

1.67 - the amount of money I have in my wallet (all in coins. The bills went toward Bill's long-day-at-the-office/school-might-need-to-eat-something-at-some-point fund).

1 - the number of wife-lunches Bill took to work with him, just in case the aforementioned made you all feel sorry for him.

9 - the number of separate meals I've prepared, today.

2 - the number of said meals I enjoyed.

2 - the number of times this week I've left the house without my ring on.

2 - the number of times this completely threw off my groove.

3 - the number of days in a row that I've worn this particular pair of jeans. 

1 - the number of miniature cars Wyatt got from the prize box at the Dentist, this morning. His new obsession.

6 - the number of times the miniature car has been misplaced.

6 - the number of times said misplacement caused utter panic and complete despair.

6 - the number of times Mom pulled said misplaced car from her pocket, having picked it up off the carpet before she vacuumed/Henry ate it/it got lost in the long carpet forever.

0 - the number of times Wyatt thought Mom was incredibly cool for pulling through for him so immediately with the whole lost miniature car thing.

0 - the number of superpowers my kids think I possess.

8 - the number of superpowers I actually possess.

3 - the number of times Daphne spontaneously glomped me, today, saying, "I love YOU, Mom!"

3 - the amount of times those glomps completely made my day.

4 - the amount of poopy diapers I had to clean up.

89% - the amount of improvement this is over last week.

1 - how many boys I am altogether in love with.

898498560298304980934858670293845 - how talented the boy I am in love with is.

10 - how many minutes before I should be in bed.

70 - how many minutes it will likely be before I climb into bed due to being greedy about a book I'm currently involved with.

Reading. Not writing.

Aw, crap.

5 - the number of times today that I've felt guilt.

What are my top ten wishes/dreams? (Taken from Top Ten story starter)

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