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New Normal

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My 3 older children have been back in school for a week now, and my youngest is headed to preschool next week.  I have almost reached what one friend dubbed as the “holy grail of motherhood”.


I won’t officially reach that state until my youngest enters first grade, but until then, with the three older ones off to school and my youngest in preschool two mornings a week, I am fairly content with this stage.  I will admit that it has required a bit of a shift in my thinking.

Before, I lived for late wake-up times and nap time and early bed times.  Now, I find that I want everyone up and ready for the day at the same time and I often want just a little bit more time at the end of the day.  Before, I was so busy seeing to my children’s needs that I often missed seeing my children for the amazing little people they were becoming.  Now, I am frequently astounded at how smart they are and how much I enjoy them.

I am thrown a little off-kilter by this shift, and will admit that it has arrived accompanied by no small amount of regret.  But each day of this new normal is a chance to make the most, the fullest, the best out of it.

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