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Going To The Library

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We are a family of readers. I will devour enormous tomes in only a few days, and have been known to start several books at once and read several chapters a day out of each book. Even before my children could actually read, they would fall asleep with piles of books hidden in their blankets. So it is with much anticipation that they look forward to our every other week trips to the local library.



Each trip to the library is an adventure, and every time they ask if they can get more books than last time. We’ve had to limit the number of items at check-out since more than 5 books per child seems to increase the likelihood of lost books and fines. So there is often an agonizing decision making process when we have to leave, with choices between books sometimes escalating to semi-quiet meltdowns. 

Family reading together family tradition storytellingOnce we are home, there is a blissful hour of peace while everyone retreats to their favorite reading spot and looks through all of their books. Everyone looks forward to Library Day!

In the past couple of years, we’ve added a new dimension to our library days. The kids and I pack a small picnic lunch. Nothing fancy… sandwiches and bottles of water. Maybe some fruit, if we have it on hand. Into the cooler it goes, and we head to the library. Once we’ve had our fill of browsing at the library, we check out and head to the park. There, we spread our blanket and enjoy our sandwiches. My oldest daughter and I dive right into the books we’ve just checked out, while the littler ones play on the playground. One by one, they all tire of playing and eventually end up with me on the blanket, book in hand. We spend an hour or so, enjoying the fresh air, and our new books. 

It tickles me pink to see that I’m raising a bunch of readers!

What things do you like to do as a family?




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