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Girl's Night In

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Nail polish bottles family traditions girl's night in 

My husband is a Scoutmaster, and as such he goes camping once a month with the troop.  He has been a Scoutmaster for about 6 years now, so there have been many weekend campouts.  When my son was younger, he would sometimes accompany his dad on these campouts, even though he wasn’t technically in the Scout troop yet (now that he is older, he goes each time).  My girls and I would be left at home with no testosterone and so Girl’s Night In was born.



Now, you might think that this was something I came up with automatically as a result of these monthly weekends with just me and my girls; I mean, it seems logical.  However, I actually didn’t realize what an amazing opportunity I had on my hands at first.  At first, I griped that my husband was taken away for a whole weekend every month.  I whined that he was gone all the time, all week long.  After all, he left every morning for work before the kids were up, and he got home most nights after they were in bed, and then he was going to take off and go do boy things all weekend long?  I was often in a mild snit when these weekends approached.  My girls were also saddened by dad’s departures when my son got to tag along because when was their special time with Dad?

But a dear friend soon pointed out to me that I was missing the bigger picture.  Here was my time to not have to adjust the schedule to accommodate what the boys wanted for dinner, what the boys might want to watch on t.v., what the boys might want to do for the evening.  Here was my opportunity to have a weekend almost exactly to my liking since I didn’t have to share the time divided up between what I wanted to spend weekend time on and what my husband wanted to spend weekend time on.  The two things weren’t always exclusive, but there were enough Saturdays spent doing yard work or watching football when I wanted to read a book or sew that this idea was an epiphany.

Nail Polish bottles family tradition girl's night storytellingSo when the next camping weekend approached, I was super excited!   The girls and I were set with an adorable movie their brother hadn’t wanted to see and I had my chick flick for after they went to bed.  We had dinner planned the way we wanted it, and we were all set to do our manicures and pedicures, because the smell of nail polish was something the boys complained about.  It was FABULOUS!  We have had Girl’s Night In almost every campout since. I have learned a lot on these nights, but most recently about who has a crush on whom, who really ate the last cupcake, that green and yellow are boy colors so someone’s bedroom needs to be re-done, that feelings were hurt and comforted, and that boys are stinky.  That last one I already knew, but hearing it from my 6 year old was funny.

And while we haven’t always done the exact same thing each time, we have made it a tradition that all of the ladies in the Park household look forward to.  I hope to continue it long after my husband has moved on from Scouting, long after Disney movies are the norm, and long after crushes move on to real dates.

What hobbies or activities do you enjoy doing with your son/daughter? (Taken from Reflections of a Parent story starter)

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