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Snowball Fight

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I know that the title of this post may seem out of season, but let me explain. Some friends of ours in the neighborhood invited us to their annual Snowball Fight the other night, and I was just as confused as you.



It is a tradition of theirs after the school year is over to kick off the summer with a snowball fight in their backyard, often accompanied by a water fight. I know I have repeatedly complained about the weather being unseasonably cool, but no, they don’t use real snowballs. The ammunition is provided by two of the biggest snowball hydrangea bushes I have ever seen.

The bushes are so large, and the snowballs so big, that they weigh the limbs of the bushes down so much that it can damage them, so each year my friend has her children, the neighborhood kids, friends, and family members come and help ease the burden on the bushes so that they continue to grow strong and a good time is had by all.

Snowball bush family tradition life stories storytellingIt got me thinking about my family’s summer traditions, and I realized that because my kids had been in year-round school up until this last year, we didn’t really have an end of school tradition. For us, there wasn’t really an end to school since the summer break was only three weeks long, same as the other breaks throughout year, so a yearly ritual hadn’t made it into our traditions.

So I decided to remedy that and came up with one that I am sure will get tweaked a bit in the coming years, but it is a good place to start and build from. Since this school year ended with a half day of school and lunch wasn’t served, I took all the kids out to lunch and while 3 played on the playground equipment, I had one tell me what their favorite part of the school year was, what they were going to miss, and what they looked forward to in the next grade.

I did this with each of my school age kids, and hadn’t intended to do it with my youngest since she wasn’t in school yet. But, once her older sister was finished with me, she promptly had my youngest come over and sit down and I was regaled with her thoughts, the most important of which centered on a snake that she had seen while going to the park the day before.

I know it isn’t much, but I know it is something my kids will remember, and as the years go by and this becomes another of our traditions that we have done for “forever”, I hope it will bring them as much joy as I discovered as I listened to them.

Do you have a favorite summer tradition?  What do you like to do?

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