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Do I Have Irish Roots?

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Family Storytelling, Irish Heritage, ShamrocksWhen St. Patrick's Day rolls around, do you ever wonder if there's an Irish line or two in your family's story?

We've rounded up some websites that will help start answering that question – but keep in mind, the best place to start is with your own living family members.


Ask your parents, call up your grandparents, your aunts or uncles and ask them what they know about where you come from. Be ready to take notes, often what seems like the smallest details can lead to some epic tales.


Just the fact that you're wondering, means you're ready to start – a little curiosity, and some good questions are all you need.


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Carol Rice

I grew up in a home rich with family heritage. My mom loved genealogy and knew how to breathe life into dusty documents and color to faded black and white photos - my mom told me stories.

As a grown woman with five children of my own, I've tried to do the same. For years I did it through scrapbooking. But it didn't take long to realize that it wasn't my artistic skills my children really cared about. They never stopped on a page and said, "Mom, you matched that paper to my shirt - perfectly!" Nope. What they did say as they leaned across my lap, pointing at photos is, "Tell me the story!" "Tell me mom about the day I was born... Tell me mom about the day I cried when everyone sang me happy birthday... Tell me mom about my grandma and her garden..."

Don't worry if you haven't done it forever, just start today. The consistency and cumulative effect of one good question - just sharing one story a day, adds up.

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