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Bad Times and Good

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Family Storytelling, Attitude, Change, ResolutionSo much can happen in a year. There are good things and bad things that we learn and grow from.



So much can happen in a year. There are good things and bad things that we learn and grow from. I asked some friends and family a few questions. First question was what was the worst thing that happened in 2013? Then what was the best? What are your goals or resolutions for 2014? I was amazed at the response I got.


3 year old

Worst- “My Grandpa went to heaven.”

Best- “Grandma sees him.”

Goals- “Go to heaven to see them, go to Disney.”


8 year old

Worst- “I got really sick.”

Best- “I turned eight and getting baptized.”

Goals- “I want to learn to play the piano, learn to crochet and read 150 books.”


17 year old

Worst- “Having multiple surgeries last year.”

Best- “Looking forward to seeing my brother and starting college.”

Goals- “I want to learn to organize and balance my time better.”


29 year old

Worst- “My Grandpa passing away.”

Best- “My Grandpa passing away and being at peace.”

Goals- “I want to work on myself and get confident again.”


31 year old

Worst- “The worst thing last year was our failed adoption.”

Best- “Our successful adoption adding Elijah to our family.”

Goals- “My main goal next year is to be more intentional with time, and making time to work on projects that are important to me. Specific one on one time with the kids each day.


63 year old

Worst- “The hardest thing last year was having a stroke.”

Best- “Building a second home in St. George.”

Goals- “Exercise to become stronger, run a half marathon again and get to play and enjoy golf again.


Every person that I asked really reflected on the worst thing of last year, but didn’t dwell on it. They all used it to push them to try harder, or be a better person and have more positive experiences.

“You gain strength, courage, and confidence by every experience in which you really stop to look fear in the face... Do the thing you thing you cannot do.”
Eleanor Roosevelt

Try interviewing your own children, spouse, parents, etc., and see what they considered important.  For ideas, check out our Family Yearbook Story Starter.

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