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How Doing Your Family History is A Lot Like Dieting

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Family Storytelling, Family History, Gear UpThe New Year has started, and many of us have, by now, given up on our resolutions.  Maybe it's time to look at our goals in a different way.  Guest author, Stepper McCrery shares how doing family history can be compared to sticking to a diet.


by Stepper McCrery

1.  You know you need to do it.  But tomorrow looks like a much better day to start.  Yes, tomorrow is good.  For sure you'll start tomorrow.

2.  When you tell your friends about what you're doing, they get that detached, far away look,smile,and trail off with a, "Oh... good for you!  Yea... I should really do that, too..."

3.  You gear up to take that first step.  I mean, you REALLY gear up.  Mentally, physically, you prepare and prepare and prepare to take that first terrifying step and then - you take it.  And it turns out to be not as overwhelming as you imagined.

4.  You begin to sort of fall in love with it.  It begins to consume your every thought.  It's all you can think about, talk about!  But so far, nobody appreciates what you're doing, because no matter how much you're geeking out about it, the results are, as of yet, invisible to everyone but you.

5.  You hit your first breakthrough.  You feel like a million buck.  You got this!

6.  You grow quieter about it.  It's not such a big change, anymore.  It's more a lifestyle you've adopted.  But people are beginning to notice something... different about you.

7.  Things begin to build on themselves until the work you're doing - while not easy - doesn't feel as intimidatingly difficult.

8.  People are still waiting for you to fail.  You don't worry about that, anymore.

9.  Especially because all sorts of people are also now asking you for advice.

10.  You always tell them: You just gotta get over your fear of that first step.

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