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My Mother Was A Person First

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Family Storytelling, Mother's Day, Great MotherIt took me many, many years to realize that my mother was more than just a "mom."  For most of my childhood I took for granted that she was a MOM, with all that word entails.  She was my class's room mother, she made treats for me to take to school on my birthday, and she planned all our summer vacations.  It never occured to me that there was more to her than that!

Years later, after I had become a mother myself, I began to realize how easily an identity can be swallowed by a job description.  I finally realized that my mom had had a life BEFORE my siblings and I came along.  And so, to honor the PERSON that I've discovered my mother to be, I present:


Family Storytelling, Mother's Day, Loving MomTEN INTERESTING FACTS ABOUT MY MOTHER


 1.  My mother knew how to play several Renaissance instruments like the recorder and the krumhorn.

 2.  My mother loved dressing up for Halloween (this continued even after we were born).

 3.  My mother visited Hawaii and learned to hula dance.

 4.  My mother played the ukelele "professionally".

 5.  My mother loved to travel (this continued after her kids came along).

 6.  My mother gave poetry readings to women's groups.

 7.  My mother took in "stray" college kids who needed a cheap (read: free) place to live.

 8.  My mother eloped with my father.

 9.  My mother met my father through her college roommate.

10.  My mother loved to send cards to her friends and would spend hours finding just the "right" sentiment for each friend.


Family Storytelling, Mother's Day, Silly MomAnd now it's YOUR turn!  Come up with your own list of interesting facts about your mother.  For ideas, check out our Tribute to Mom or Dad story starter.

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