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6 Signs You Have Become a Grinch

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Family Storytelling, Grinch, Holiday Spirit, ChristmasA series of recent events has made me come to the realization that I am a bit Grinchy when it comes to certain Christmas things. I was surprised to discover this, because I truly LOVE Christmastime.



You don't actually have to steal Christmas to be a Grinch. In fact, a few simple things can help you find yourself Grinchified, with really very little effort. So to see if you, too, have fallen victim, here's how to tell if you are becoming a Grinch:

1. Christmas music is annoying. Not just mildly so, but stab-a-fork-in-your-eye annoying. Even now that it is December, you think that Christmas carols and holiday songs should be banished to the farthest reaches of Siberia.

2. Seeing lights up, and on, makes you grumble. You'll find yourself mumbling things like, "Are they trying to hail a spacecraft with all those lights?!?" and "Must be nice to not have to worry about your electricity bill, unlike the rest of us."

3. You feel that Black Friday, and especially Thursday, shoppers, are a different breed entirely, and that there must be a special place reserved for them in one of Dante's circles.  Possibly the 4th or 5th, but maybe even the 7th.

4. Christmas movies have a similar effect on you as #1.

5. You vacilate between indifference and violent tendencies whenever the "Happy Chrismahanukwanzakah" debate arises.

6. Christmas lights (again) have magical powers of regression for you, resulting in a tantrum that any 2 year old would be proud of.

There are many more signs of Grinchification, but you can take steps to reverse it, if you so desire. If you recognize yourself in any of the above, and want to grow your heart 3 sizes, try the following:

- Go ugly sweater shopping. Or, have an ugly sweater contest at your next party.

- Make the drive around the neighborhood to see the lights, leaving 1st, 2nd, and 3rd prize ribbons for the ones you like, or loath, the most.

- Eat all the candycanes.

- Watch Harry Potter. Not technically Christmas movies, and enjoyed by just about everyone, so you probably won't hear any complaints.

- For gifts, make them all of the White Elephant variety and revel in your cleverness.

- Set aside time to spend the season however you want. Even if it's just half an hour of doing absolutely NOTHING, schedule it in with all the other craziness, and when people invite you to another party or cookie exchange, you can tell them you already have plans.

But, seriously, how does this happen? I don't want to be a Grinch. I better go make cocoa and sugar cookies and start singing loud for all to hear.

What are your favorite Christmas traditions? What could you do without? Tell us in the comments, and then be sure to save a copy of it for your Christmas memories!  For more ideas check out our Christmas Story Starter.


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