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Thankful for Walking

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Family Storytelling, Gratitude, Thanksgiving~~As Thanksgiving and Christmas approach most people are reminded of all the blessings they have. As a family activity every year we make a new list of everything that we are thankful for. I encourage the kids to say whatever they feel. I always love the little tidbits that my kids add. In the last few years some of the things they have listed are cereal, blankets, toys, friends, dinosaurs, my best family ever, applesauce, and my binky. Some of the things on their list were similar to years before, TV, hot weather, trophies, jumping, phones, horsies, sleep, recess, and walking.



When my five year old said walking and jumping I thought it was so cute. I realized how profound it truly was. About a month ago our family went on a trip to see my husband run a marathon. After the race we were waiting around for the award ceremony. My son grabbed my arm and said “I want to say hi to my friends.” I looked up to see who he was talking about. There was a little boy and a little girl who were both in wheel chairs. My eyes welled up as I walked him over. My sweet little boy smiled and waved at them both. I explained to the parents that he wanted to say hi. They had a smile. I am sure that they have had some difficult situations where kids and adults alike didn’t show such love and understanding. There were a few adults around and they all inched in and watched. The mother of the little boy explained to my son a little bit about both kids.  He smiled and told them his name and how old he was, but they couldn’t talk. Love emulated my little boy. We said goodbye and walked back over to our family. Tears began falling down my cheeks. I will never forget that experience. 

I have a cousin who is handicapped and always made sure that my kids were around her, talked with her and loved her. I told them they could ask me any questions they had. As we made our thankful list I was reminded of my children’s love for others. We can be thankful for things that so many take for granted. I hope that as my kids continue to grow they will always be kind, loving and thankful.

What are you thankful for?  Have you told your family?  Let our Fall Story Starter give you some ideas.



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