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Stop or Slow: A Road Construction Story

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Stop or Slow: A Road Construction Story

For one awesome semester, I had a gig teaching a non-traditional High School English class. It's was a 45 minute drive for me - one perpetually peppered with construction (did you like that? Perpetually peppered?). The last three minutes of the drive (consisting of one left turn) often takes fifteen.

I don't mind, though. Gives me a chance to put on my makeup. Or, I mean, ponder things. Like life...and recycling.

On this particular day, I was weaving my way through the maze of orange traffic barrels and passing the construction workers that spread themselves out along the route holding the STOP/SLOW signs, wnen a short, dark haired construction woman was idly spinning her stop/slow sign watching one of the street sweepers do its thang. I don't blame her. Street sweeping trucks are fascinating. I mean - where does all the dirt go?! It enters the spinny brush thingy, and then...

As my car approached her, she stopped spinning her sign and leaned into it, still watching the street sweeper. The STOP part was facing me.

Yes - I knew she wasn't paying attention.

Yes - I figured that I wasn't actually supposed to STOP right there in the middle of the road with no cross-traffic to speak of.

But - there was this STOP SIGN right in front of my face! A stop sign is one of those unbreakable contracts that I can't ignore. So I stopped.

The car behind me stopped, too.

Finally, she looked our way. First, confusion. Then, recognition. Then, a quick, jerky movement and her sign told us to merely SLOW. She motioned gruffly for us to drive on, shaking her head at me in annoyance.

I flashed her a smile as I drove by.

She was bright red. asks: Have you ever had a crazy experience with road construction? Write it down, tell it on video, blog about it - whatever you love - but do share it!

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Stepper grew up in the desert, but is a child of the rain. She lost her heart to Seattle (both to the place and to the boy who grew up there). She loves to write and draw, and used to get in trouble for doodling all over her homework. She graduated with a Bachelors degree in English Literature from Utah State University. She loves to sing, play the violin and guitar, and is learning the mandolin. She bakes a mean spice cake with pinoche icing, hates caramel, and has a real thing for old keys. But her very most favorite thing in the whole world is her cute husband and three amazing kids.

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