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Grandma's Red Hair

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family stories inspiring storytellingMeet Grandpa Bil.

Not only is my Grandpa Bil adorable, he's also smart, like - in that knows a lot of things about a lot of things way, but also in that has life figured out way.

When Grandpa Bil was a young man, he broke his back.  As a result, he's been in pain his whole life.  Doctors told him he wouldn't be able to do much.  They told Grandma that they should probably stick to the one baby they'd just had, what with my Grandpa probably never geing able to hold a job because of his injury and all.





Six kids later, my Grandpa is well into his nineties, is still making his sweetheart of fifty-plus years laugh, and has enjoyed a rich life as a professional sign painter, photgrapher, and teacher.

I told him once how admirable I thought it was that even though he was in constant pain, he never complained and was always happy.

He flashed me one of his famous grins, and said, "Just because I'm miserable doesn't mean I should make everyone else around me miserable, too."

Well, I can tell you, folks, that I don't think that this man has ever let a little thing like pain make him miserable one day in his life.

He's a fountain of wisdom, jokes, and stories.

Oh, how I love to listen to my Grandpa tell stories!

Here he shares one of my absolute favorites:

This wasn't planned.  We were sitting around, talking.  I turned on my phone and asked him to tell the famous tale of the man who loved Grandma's red hair.  The video is less than two minutes in length - but now I have one of my favorite stories, told in his words, with his voice, and his smile.

My challenge to you is: look for opportunities to turn on the camera.  Capture these moments.  They don't have to be planned, formal, or forced to be absolutely priceless. So go, right now, into the next room.  Turn on your camera, and ask whoever is there (or yourself!) this question: What was one of the best compliments you've ever received?

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