Teresa Clark

Teresa Clark

A national award-winning storyteller, historian and author, she is best known for her original works and recollections of life's experiences blended with history. Teresa has presented and performed throughout the United States. Of her, it has been said, "Charming, witty, soulful, and wise, her performances are filled with a compelling sense of wonder and an irresistable zest for life." Her story work involves performance, education, production, and advocacy. From the main stage to individual consultations in living rooms across America, she delights in the excavation and sharing of family story. Most importantly, she is a wife, mother, and grandmother to her favorite playmates and best friends.

Wednesday, 22 January 2014 21:17

Letters Full of Love

The miracle of a letter is that it’s there to remind you when you lose your way. It refreshes your heart and guides you back to center. It illustrates everything worth fighting for. It testifies when you are holding true to your dreams and plans.

Wednesday, 22 January 2014 20:33

Top Ten Tips for Happily Ever After - NOW

If she’s learned anything during her quest to this moment it’s this: You don’t FIND happy – you CREATE it. No one can MAKE you happy – you BECOME happy.


Tuesday, 03 December 2013 18:36


Music is testimony and memory. 


Tuesday, 03 December 2013 18:21

It's About Time



Holding on to a favored tradition just because “it’s what we always do” can actually lead to a whole lot of stress if you’re not careful.



Monday, 02 December 2013 21:30

Discover Magic

Family Storytelling, Christmas Tree, Discover MagicSome things you have to discover on your own. Others are simply too good to keep to yourself.

Saturday, 30 November 2013 15:35



I guess some things become part of your soul without you even noticing.


Tuesday, 29 October 2013 16:47

Casting Pebbles

The day had clutched at my heart and convinced me if my daddy were leading a hike, it would be an adventure. We were a hiking family. 


Tuesday, 29 October 2013 16:53

Cry Wolf!

Ancient tales warn us against 'crying wolf' too often. But what if 'crying wolf' again is truly the only way to save the sheep - no matter what has happened in the past?

Thursday, 10 October 2013 00:00

Halloween & Jump Tales

Family Storytelling, Halloween Stories, TraditionFirst, What is a jump tale? A jump tale is a story you tell for the sole purpose of startling someone. You lull your listener into a place of quiet comfort, then BAM!! you startle them with the last line and they jump. It’s great fun. Here’s a little tale:


Thursday, 03 October 2013 17:43

She Got It

My two-year-old granddaughter, Natalie, is a piece of work. She's got the vocabulary and diction of someone much older so her comments are often stunning. Recently, we were all camping as an extended family and she was walking down the trail with two of her older cousins. They were treating her like a two-year-old until she declared, "I'm a big girl! But, I'm a little person."
You've just got to love such insights into the two-year-old mind! Because of her vocabulary, I sometimes gain glimpses into her thought process that remind me to relax and be more aware. At the same campout we were gathered around the campfire when the grandkids demanded a story.
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