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Friday, 06 November 2015 22:09

Stop the Madness - A Rallying Cry

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Stop the Madness - A Rallying Cry

You know the classic tale. A child becomes the voice of reason in the face of the numbly blind crowd.   

“But, he isn’t wearing any clothes at all!”  

His own father dismisses the child’s common sense as childish prattle, but the words he spoke start to be passed up and down through the crowd. Eventually, the people of the kingdom take up the cry of the boy,   

“He isn’t wearing any clothes at all!”   

It’s the classic Hans Christen Anderson story that tells of a team of charlatans who sash shay into a kingdom selling a remarkable fabric no one can see. No one can see the fabric because it doesn’t exist, but the crooks are so good at describing it that the vast majority of people start to claim they have seen it too. After all, the hucksters have told everyone that only the stupid and dim-witted cannot see it. No one wants to fail that intelligence test so the eyewitness accounts of the wondrous fabric spread through the land. Embracing the mass hysteria, the king stands in front of a mirror buck-naked and pretends he can see the clothing he commanded the faux-artisans to create.  

It’s only a story for children. Such mass hysteria could never happen in real life, right?   

Giddy with the power they have gained, the nefarious tailors encourage the king to walk the streets to show off his new clothes. Like a lamb to the slaughter, the king agrees and the people of the kingdom line the streets to praise his fashion savvy. Until, finally, the voice of reason steps up via the mouth of a child,  

“But, he isn’t wearing any clothes at all!”  

The king is exposed as being the greatest fool of all, standing in the street in front of the entire kingdom, with all of his flesh exposed. The boy’s single pure voice awoke others to the realization that they had allowed a micro-minority to convince them to support a total falsehood. The only thing that had been fabricated was a lie, a Big, Fat, Lie.   

Such mass hysteria could never happen in real life, right? Or could it? Has it? Do you see the exquisite fabric or the naked truth? Do you have the courage to say what you see?   

Here’s what we see. We see a micro-minority running slip-shod over common sense. We see the solid long-established social mores of a god-fearing country being vilified by those same voices. They have done such an exquisite job of weaving their mistruths. Not with bold declarations at first, that would have been too jarring. They came in with purring voices and whispered insinuations. Only the dim-witted would disagree.   

Call us insane. Dismiss our words as the aimless prattles of children, but forgive us, they are selling us a pack of lies! That is the naked truth. Can we please stop the madness? It’s not okay. Bring back common sense. Enough is enough.

Will you join us in our cry? Our families, our very nation, depend on it.    

Tuesday, 03 November 2015 14:09

Welcome Fall - Welcome Home

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I love this time of year. I love the hint of brisk in the air and the way the golden light of late afternoon lingers and reflects back through the leaves. I love the smell of fresh cut crops, burning leaves, and the hint of frost in the morning air. I love fall, the season of the harvest. I love the way the days shorten and hearts and families turn their thoughts towards home. Schedules firm up and routines become the norm. We’re more likely to gather for family dinners and snuggle in for an evening of family fun around a game board or munching popcorn in front of our favorite home movie. The season simply beckons everyone home. We remember we need each other. We need each other to hold off winter’s chill and to help one another learn all the vast new things the school year brings. We need each other to remind us that we matter and that we are needed. We need each other to recollect what’s most important. Naturally, home is where our thoughts turned for our articles too.

Welcome home.

WCF9, world congress of families, pro-life, pro-family, familyHaters are gonna hate, and there I was, unbeknownst to me, smack dab in the middle of “them.”

When I took the single seat a few rows back from the rope and just to the right of the camera/sound booth, I had no idea who I was sitting with. The day's opening session was about to begin, the theme: “The Natural Family.” I was looking forward to hearing the latest legal issues, research, social science and commentary on an incredibly important topic.

Sunday, 27 September 2015 14:16

Step by Step

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“Every step towards your dream today is a step away from your regret tomorrow.”
Dr. Steve Maraboli

We moved into our home twelve years ago. We moved to give our kids a fresh start. We moved because we knew it was the right thing to do. We left behind a fully finished home we loved for a home in our desired area with an unfinished basement. I was confident in the sacrifice because I was confident we were going where we were supposed to be.

Saturday, 26 September 2015 14:37

Share Your Spark

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FSSparkWhen my daughters left home they spent countless hours writing down every recipe they had been raised on. Card file boxes were filled with all the directions for maintaining the tastes of home wherever they roamed. For the first few years after they left, calls would come in asking for more tips and tricks they’d missed to make the dishes just like their Dad or I had.  As time passed

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